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This site is dedicated to all the dads out there that have plenty of stories to tell about… well… being a dad!


Tales Form the Dad Side

Let me start things off with a story about how Tales From the Dad Side came to be:

Once upon a time there was this dad that was quite a geek to many standards which loved to talk about his kids and the tell others about the stories of his kids. These stories were not always happy, but still loved to talk about them. Also, he wanted a place where he could talk to others from around the country or even around the world and get others thoughts and comments about how they would handle things if the situation were to happen to them. Then, one day he thought, “I am kind of a geek. Why not create a website to tell my stories?” This is when “Tales From the Dad Side” was created!

Tales From the Dad Side is not just a website to tell stories. We try to provide information, inform about the latest issues going on with kids, products and services that can help other dads (and parents in general) and much more. We strive to provide a great laugh and encourage others to join and provide some of your stories as well. So come and join us as we embark on the stories of fatherhood! In fact, check out this story telling how Dad’s need a break:

Extra! Extra! Dad Needs Break!

Finally, we try to stay active in our social sites. Come join the discussions, pics and more!

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