ELEVATE – By Jase Stuart — Jase Stuart – Mens Health Mentor

ELEVATE – By Jase Stuart — Jase Stuart – Mens Health Mentor Click here to get ELEVATE – By Jase Stuart — Jase Stuart – Mens Health Mentor at discounted price while it’s still available… ELEVATE – AMPLIFY YOUR RESULTS! This POWERFUL transformation program delivered INSTANTLY to your email as a zip file contains three PDF content pieces: Upon pressing ‘purchase’, you will receive a confirmation email containing a download link. ELEVATE IS PERFECT FOR THOSE WITH LIFTING EXPERIENCE THAT NEED AN ASS-KICK! ✓ 12-week gym super-charge and energise program; ✓…

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Weight Loss Diet Plan – The Dads Bod Diet A Step By Step Guide To Six Pack Abs

Weight Loss Diet Plan – The Dads Bod Diet A Step By Step Guide To Six Pack Abs Click here to get Weight Loss Diet Plan – The Dads Bod Diet A Step By Step Guide To Six Pack Abs at discounted price while it’s still available… After marriage and kids, well into your 40’s, attaining six pack abs can be done easier than you think, but you have to have the right guide to get there, and this book is THE guide to getting there. The Dads Bod Diet…

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Hiding Veggies: Cauliflower

tales from the dad side - mashed cauliflower

It’s a struggle to get my kids to eat their veggies. That’s a struggle that I know a lot of parents go through. My oldest dislikes veggies in general. If absolutely forced to eat a vegetable he may resort to putting as small a piece as he can in his mouth and then swallowing it with some water, like a pill. My middle child will eat some veggies. Spinach usually isn’t a problem, carrots if they’re raw, sometimes broccoli. The toddler is still pretty good about eating the vegetables I…

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Pumpkin Carving Tool of Choice

tales from the dad side pumpkin

It’s Halloween, which means, among other things, that we carve pumpkins to put out on the front steps. My wife insists on everyone in the house having their own pumpkin. With 5 people in the house, this means that every year I end up carving somewhere between 1 and 5 pumpkins. (This year I did 3.) We’ve gone through our share of pumpkin carving kits, you know the ones. They come with a couple of safety saws that won’t cut your skin, a scraper, and maybe a thingie for tracing…

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Flu Shot Follies

Yesterday I loaded the toddler into the car, picked up the kids from school, and headed to the pediatrician for annual checkups! What fun! You see, my oldest two kids have birthdays that are 4 days apart, so we can double up on things and get a two-fer in for trips to the doctor. (Our pediatrician is almost an hour’s drive away. We moved when my oldest turned 1, but the doctor is so good we’ve kept going back to her rather than find someone closer.) It’s also fall, which…

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10minute – Fat Loss To Go

10minute – Fat Loss To Go Click here to get 10minute – Fat Loss To Go at discounted price while it’s still available… Attention Busy Moms & Dads:   “Busy Dad and Fitness Guru Shares 13 Expert Tips, Tricks & Secrets To Help Busy Parents Just Like YOU Destroy Your Unwanted Fat Simply and Easily!” By Ed Scow, Certified Fitness and Nutrition Expert to Busy Moms and Dads – the true Superheroes! In this FREE presentation, you will discover:  To watch a sample 10-minute bodyweight cardio workout video, click here. To discover…

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To be a YouTuber

My kids’ aspirations look to YouTube! I don’t get it, but apparently “YouTuber” is now a profession, at least in my kids’ eyes. Lately talk around the table or in the car of what do you want to do when you grow up turns to becoming a YouTuber. For those of you that don’t know, a YouTuber, I guess, is someone who makes videos on YouTube all day and somehow makes a living off of that, maybe. My kids don’t have a real firm grasp on the fact that they’ll…

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Dad Hacks: Sunburn Remover

tales from the dad side - sunburn

I know it’s technically fall, but we’ve still got some sunny days ahead of us, at least where I live, and sunburn is a very real possibility. I tend to burn easily, especially on my neck and shoulders, and so having a handy way to get rid of the redness and eliminate the inevitable peel is always welcome, even if this method is a little…strange. I learned this from a former manager from my retail days. I was skeptical that it would work, but it really does. Are you ready…

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Dad Hacks: Bloody Nose be Gone!

tales from the dad side - bloody nose

This should probably be called a grandma hack, because this little trick was something passed down from my grandma to my dad to me. For whatever reason, maybe because it’s been pretty dry around my house lately, I’ve had to deal with my fair share of kids’ nose bleeds recently. A week or so ago my son was outside playing with his friend from down the street. My son came inside to use the bathroom and BOOM out of nowhere his friend’s nose started bleeding. He was just standing on…

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Climbing Dunes with Baggage

tales from the dad side - dune

File this one under: The Things We do for Our Kids! A week ago we went camping. We’d booked the trip well in advance, figuring that the last weekend in September would be kinda cool (weather wise) and we’d be huddled up in sweatshirts enjoying camp fires and all the fall things that go with that. We couldn’t have been more wrong. We arrived to our campsite with 85F and sunny, crystal clear skies. Aside from everyone being a little hot and sticky, this was fine. The place where we…

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