Labors of Love

Tales from the Dad Side - brag vest

There are plenty of things dads do for their kids that are labors of love, things that we do for our kids that maybe they don’t really think about or don’t fully appreciate. These are things that we dads (and moms) do because we love our kids and while we don’t expect them to recognize the efforts we make now, we hope that one day in the future they’ll look at it and realize all the effort we put into something on their behalf. These labors of love can take…

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Black Radio Show Host Tommy Sotomayor Man Helps White Father Raise 8000 In 4 Days!

I really like this video as it has no race involved and it is aimed at helping ALL men out instead of just a particular race! Tommy has a great point of view and is a good man for helping another man in the time of need. What do you think? What are your views on this? Should he not have helped another in time of need just because he is another color? If you want to help him be able to help others like Casey, please reach out to Tommy…

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