When a 33 year old dad spends a day in kindergarten: top 10 observations

This article is about when a 33 year old dad spends a day in kindergarten as part of a program called WATCH D.O.G.S, which helps encourage dads to volunteer one day each year in their kid’s school. A major part of this program is to help fathers bond with their kids. Being a positive role model is the other part for those kids that do not have a lot of bonding and father role models in their lives. Since 99% of children have the female role model in their school lives, this program tries to change this.

The perspective of this one father’s views is great! He sees and touches on many of the typical things that I believe are pretty common in the kindergarten years. Check it out here: Click for more


If you are a dad looking for things to do with your kids, take a look at our Dinosaur Dig Kit article. We also suggest making slime. This is a great idea for kids of a variety of ages.

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