There is no perfect way to raise a child. We can attest to this! As a parent, you have your good days and bad days just like anyone else. This does not change whether you have one child or 10. Every day is an adventure in figuring out parenthood! This is what prompted this website!



We’re a couple of dads who are raising 8 kids between our two families and are still figuring things out as we go. There are new challenges and things to learn every day, which means we’ve collected a lot of stories over our time as parents.

Would either of us win a dad of the year award? Probably not. Would we say we’re experts about raising kids? Certainly not! Do we love our kids? Of course we do, and we started this site to tell our stories of being a dad.

tales from the dad side - Hurl Cam

For every story or anecdote we have about our kids getting excited when we get home from work or the snuggling to watch a movie on the couch on a Friday night, there’s a story about getting thrown up on or the kids driving us nuts. After spending a lot of time swapping kid stories at work, we decided to share them with a wider audience. These are our stories of life balancing family, work, and play. They are stories that only we can tell, these are the Tales from the Dad Side.


What’s Next?

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About TFDS


We cover a variety of different areas from how-to’s to stories from home. Some of our content may be considered offensive to some. We would love to apologize, but that is our life with kids! Sometimes life is offensive. However, we will never make the content filled with vulgar language or sexual content. From time to time we will add content and stories that talk about areas of growing up and questions asked by our kids that may be related to learning about our bodies, but will never be vulgar! You can check out an example of a post here.


In our articles you will find links to products and services. Many of these are linked to affiliate products where we gain a small commission from any purchase you make. We wish they were giant commissions, but then we would probably have a lot more glamorous website now wouldn’t we?! Anyway, any links to these affiliate products do not cost you anything more, but we appreciate any support you can provide by using our links. We didn’t want to hide anything and just thought you should know!

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We are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Not as active as we would like, but then again, you try working a full-time job, dealing with your kids and then finding that much time to keep a website and social channels updated regularly! It’s not easy! However, we encourage you to check us out there as well and like, comment and just participate where you can. We will talk to whomever wants to talk to us! I hope that does not sound desperate. Just saying that we like to talk.

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We welcome any questions you have and any suggestions to help everyone out. Maybe you have an article idea or an idea to add to the site that will help other Dads (and Moms too). Use the contact form send an email and let us know!

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