It starts with a runny nose and a lot of sniffles during the day. You know it’s coming, but you just don’t want to believe it. You make the kids stay away from milk and dairy and anything else you’ve heard an old wive’s tale about that might be linked to increased mucus production. Eventually, the time comes that you have to send your kids to bed with a wicked head cold.
So you send your kid to bed, prop him up with all the pillows you can, maybe put some Vicks VapoRub on his chest or the bottom of his feet (have you tried that trick before? A little Vicks on the bottom of the feet, cover with socks, and give it about 15 minutes. We’ve had decent success with it.) and hope for the best. After a little coughing and maybe an extra trip to the bathroom or downstairs for some water, things quiet down and your child falls asleep. Don’t trust it, that sleep is deceiving.
An hour or two later, while you’re a couple episodes into binging Bob’s Burgers or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or the latest Marvel Netflix series and you think all is well, the coughing starts again. So you wait, and listen, and hope the coughing goes away. It doesn’t, so you creep toward his bedroom. You’re just about to go back to the couch, or maybe just go to bed, when you hear the sound you’ve been dreading, the gagging, lurching, retching that means dinner–and all the mucus that’s been sliding down his throat while he slept–is on it’s way up and out.
So you rush in to your child’s side. If he’s going to get sick in bed that could mean a big middle of the night headache that you don’t want to deal with. This headache could mean stripping the sheets, gingerly plucking splattered stuffed animals out of a pile, and, possibly, a tired and cranky child in the shower at 11:00pm. This headache’s name is vomit.

I used to rush in, cupping both of my hands together in a bowl to catch as much of the offending material as possible while trying to keep everything relatively splatter free. This technique is okay, but it could be better.

So one day my co-contributor and I are at work talking about our kids being sick and I mention cupping my hands to catch as much throw up as possible. So then he tells me what he does and the answer blows my mind. It’s so obvious, and the answer has been in front of me the entire time!
Are you ready? This is genius.
He told me to use the front of my shirt as a basin to catch the sick. I know, right! It’s so simple and yet so effective. The shirt catches much more of the stomach contents, I don’t have to walk to the bathroom worry about this nasty stuff dripping out of my hands, and there’s less likelihood that stuff will get all over the bed and everywhere else.
Share this helpful tip for and wide for all those dads who have to rush into their kids’ rooms in the middle of the night sickness rears its ugly head.
What kinds of simple dad hacks do you use to make your life easier when the kids throw a curveball at you?

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