Aquaponics as a Hobby

Aquaponics as a Hobby

Lately, I’ve been looking into aquaponics as a hobby. Aquaponics combines gardening and aquariums so that you can grow plants without having a yard. Basically, the plants’ roots go in the water and absorb the fish poop. You feed the fish, the fish feed the plants, and the plants keep the water clean. I’ve been interested in growing my own vegetables, but when living in a townhome, there are HOA limitations. What better way to grow them if not outside? This way I can 

  • Involve my kids
  • Enjoy the fish
  • Enjoy the outcome – The FOOD!

Does this sound interesting to you? Are you looking for a way to keep your children busy and allow them to be more responsible? Maybe you are trying to find a profitable activity that will not require too much effort. Starting aquaponics as a hobby will free you up when on the run and never being able to get to the market to buy fresh veggies for your meals.Why not start an aquaponic garden? It is suitable for anyone. In fact, everyone can find this activity enjoyable and rewarding.

For Kids

As mentioned, starting an aquaponic garden is a perfect way to make your children more responsible. They will need to have certain responsibilities like

  • Feeding the fish each and every day
  • Making sure that the air pump is working so the fish get enough air
  • Monitoring the state of the vegetables

These are easy daily tasks that they can perform to give them a sense of responsibility and allow them to know that someone relies on them. Also, they will be able to see how fish and plants grow, which will show them how animals help contribute to the world and plant-life.

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For the Busy Parent

Whether we like it or not, we all know that vegetables are essential for a good nutrition. However, it can be hard to find good looking fresh, organic veggies in the store. With an aquaponic garden, you will have vegetables for your family without the need to run to the store every time. Also, you will save some money without investing too much of your precious time! What can be better than that?

For Anyone Else

Do you have a Mom or Dad that have a harder time getting around? Having aquaponics as a hobby can be great for them! The whole system does not require too much effort. Aquaponic gardening will keep you occupied for a while, yet without getting over your entire day. If the whole system is placed properly, there will be very limited bending or stretching needed to maintain the whole system, which will make this activity far more pleasant.

No matter what age group you are a part of, aquaponics can prove to be rewarding for you. Give it a try and you will never want to live without this system!

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