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Having the right baby gear can be great, but not knowing what the right baby gear for dads is and what is even out there can be troublesome! This is where I hope to help you find the right baby gear for Dads of all sizes.
When my wife had a baby shower for our oldest, there were a few presents just for me. These were the kind of half gag gift, half practical gift that one might expect for a first time dad. The main gift was this diaper changing apron that had all these different pockets on it where you could stash butt paste, baby powder, extra diapers…you get the idea. If I remember right there were even a couple of paper masks for covering your nose and mouth and some tongs for carrying the dirty diapers on their way to the garbage can. It was as much a joke as it was useful. Aside from maybe a picture or two, I never actually put the apron on to use it.
It was all in good fun, and I know that I’ve put most of the stuff from in the apron to use since then. But now you look around and there’s all sorts of specialized dad gear for taking care of little ones that’s practical and doesn’t look like some kind of cutsey diaper bag festooned with elephants or ponies or things like that.

Baby Gear for Dads

It’s incredible the kind of gear that’s out there, developed by dads (and moms) for dads. Check out the list below for some of the coolest gear for dads that’s out there. (I used the descriptions from the manufacturers for most of these products.)

baby gear for dadsTactical Baby Gear Daypack

Tactical Baby Gear is a lifestyle brand that’s heard the call of daddy. Only Tactical Baby Gear has engineered the toughest baby gear on the planet in its enthusiastic quest to provide you with the tools to handle some serious doodie. Designed with the idea that tactical is practical, Tactical Baby Gear efficiently organizes all your go-to items into one tough, dependable, military-grade tactical diaper bag. The first modular tactical diaper bag system on the market, the Tactical Baby Gear set is fully customizable and comes with multiple accessories.”

Tales from the Dad Side - Paperclip diaper bagPaperclip Convertible Diaper Bag and Changing Station

“Hollywood actors, best friends and first-time dads AJ Buckley and Artie Baxter have brought fashion and enhanced functionality to that most ubiquitous parental accessory: the diaper bag. Paperclip diaper bags look cool and bring a whole new level of convenience to those inevitable baby “pit stops.” What makes the bags unique is the fold-out changing station that lets parents easily change their child anywhere, anytime. In addition, the front panel opens completely to allow easy access to a “toolbox” that puts supplies – diapers, wipes, creams, etc. — right within reach, right when you need them. Adjustable straps allow the bag to be worn as either a backpack or messenger-bag style. Both are lined with anti-microbial, liquid-resistant fabric, and the changing station can be easily removed for machine washing. There’s even a laptop compartment!.” Now if this isn’t the right baby gear for dads, I am not sure what is!

Tales from the Dad Side - Knuckle TeetherTough Love Teethers

Did you ever think your baby should look like more of a badass while she’s chewing on something? Then give her a set of faux brass knuckles to chew on! Tough Love Teethers are natural wood teething toys that come in shapes like brass knuckles and police badges. “Our toys are made of 100% maple wood, which is antimicrobial and self-healing so it resists bacteria and splintering. We design and hand carve them in our shop in Ventura County, California, then sand them satin smooth & hand rub them with a mixture of organic coconut oil and beeswax to soothe the painful gums of your little delinquents in a natural way. Each teether is handcrafted one at a time and all designs are our own.”

Tales from the Dad Side - Pockit strollerRecord-Setting stroller

As a dad you have to carry a bunch of stuff. Diapers, wipes, snacks, keys, probably a kid. You don’t want to have to lug a stroller around too if you go into a place with not a lot of room to maneuver. And what about in the car? If you go shopping or have to make a trip to somewhere that you’ll be hauling a lot home, you don’t want a stroller taking up precious cargo space in your car. Did you know there’s a Guiness World Record for compact strollers? There is, and the Pockit Lightweight Stroller is the 2014 world record holder, folding down to 11.8” x 7” x 13.8” and a weight of 9.5 pounds. “Built using high quality, durable materials, the Pockit can hold a child from 6 months up to 55 pounds as well as 11 pounds of gear in its convenient storage basket…Additionally, the Pockit is equipped with a secure safety belt and protective comfort pads that can be set at different height and fastened or loosened for a cozy and secure fit allowing the stroller to grow with your child.”

baby gear for dadsTactical Baby Vest

“Do you have a little operator in training that needs to be tac’d out? Well Evike is here to make them TactiCUTE! The Matrix Tactical Systems Baby CIRAS Tactical Vest features two Tactical Baby Bottle Holders and a Mini Dump Pouch for tissues, snacks, toys, and possibly a grenade (we don’t suggest a live grenade…). A hydration pouch on the backside ensures your little one is never thirsty, hungry, or without tactical cuteness. MOLLE webbing all around provides the potential for full customization by allowing you to add additional modular pouches (sold separately). The vest is fully adjustable accommodating babies from 6 months to 2 years old (give or take a little depending on their size).”
Tales from the Dad Side - hip carrierAbiie HUGGS Baby Carrier With Hip Seat
“Abiie HUGGS revolutionary baby carrier hip seat provides all-day comfort and keeps your growing baby seated in a healthy hip position. Designed to deliver the very best ergonomics in every carrying mode, the HUGGS Contour features several carrying positions: Front facing baby carrier or child carrier front pack (Front-Inward; Front-Outward); Baby back carrier (Back Carry); and Hip Carry. The outer layer of the center panel easily folds up for warmth or down to allow in fresh air. HUGGS Contour is an innovative lightweight, yet rugged carrier.”

baby gear for dadsTactical Diaper Bag

“Bigger, more durable and with even more tactical dad field-tested capabilities, Tactical Baby Gear Deuce 2.0 Tactical Diaper Bag takes everything that made our original TBG Tactical Diaper Bag a mission-critical piece of gear and cranks it up to 11. Complete customization for your ever-changing needs. Battle-proven toughness. Tactical readiness for any diaper catastrophe or newborn meltdown. Whatever fatherhood throws your way, be prepared to handle it with military precision thanks to the toughest diaper bag there is.”

No Better Wingman

What kid wouldn’t choose his dad as his wingman? What better way to let the world know that dad’s got your back than declaring who your wingman is? This shirt is perfect for showing dad some love!

What’s your favorite?

There’s certainly a lot of baby gear out there for dads. What’s your favorite? Are you more of a stuff a couple diapers in the pocket of your cargo pants and go kind of guy? Do you have a dad utility belt? Or do you go for the tactical baby gear? Let us know in the comments!

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