It’s Easter Sunday and everyone is in different stages of getting ready to go to grandma’s house. The kids are playing and in all the commotion, the toddler has gotten up to her sister’s room to play with her dolls and sit at her makeup table. I went upstairs to get the toddler and bring her down so she would stop messing with her sister’s stuff and hopefully get ready for a nap. There are some dirty clothes at the top of the stairs as usual (my kids still don’t fully understand the concept of a hamper) and as I’m stepping off the top step whatever I step on slips out from under my foot and goes sailing.
I’m sure a look of panic must have crossed my face as my ass hit the stairs and the toddler and I made a much faster trip down than I had originally planned on. I know her face looked pretty scared as I clutched her to my left side and we went down the stairs.
Of course there’s a small pile of crap at the bottom of the stairs too, and we (but mostly I) go crashing into that as well.
We must have made quite a commotion because my wife comes hurrying into the living room to see what happened. “I thought the house was coming down,” she said. “It sounded like the whole upstairs had collapsed.”
Of course, the toddler is crying and I give her a quick once over before handing her over to my wife. Then I start checking myself over for injuries. I came out relatively fine. My hip is sore and I have rug burns on my right knee and left elbow. It’s not until then that we notice that I have literally scared the shit out of the toddler. She didn’t have a pants full at the top of the stairs, but now that we’ve taken a quick trip down she is ripe and ready for a change. That’s a new accomplishment for me! I’ve never scared the literal crap out of anyone before.
The next day I made two more discoveries. First, my back is sore on the right side. Not sure why that is, but I have a feeling I’ll be in pain for another day or two. Second, I found a couple of fresh dents in the wall.

I guess I’ll be pulling out the putty and paint in the next few days. Maybe I’ll wait until the ache fades.
Can’t wait to see what next Easter will bring!
P.S. my wife just saw the dents in the wall and said I shouldn’t be putting dents in the walls. I explained that my chief concern as we fell down the stairs was to keep the toddler safe.

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