Black Radio Show Host Tommy Sotomayor Man Helps White Father Raise 8000 In 4 Days!

I really like this video as it has no race involved and it is aimed at helping ALL men out instead of just a particular race! Tommy has a great point of view and is a good man for helping another man in the time of need. What do you think? What are your views on this? Should he not have helped another in time of need just because he is another color?

If you want to help him be able to help others like Casey, please reach out to Tommy at the address at the end of the video!


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44 Thoughts to “Black Radio Show Host Tommy Sotomayor Man Helps White Father Raise 8000 In 4 Days!”

  1. People need 2 grow up ,,,Good seeing people pay it forward ) Its Hard 2 Ask 4 Help When U need It ,,Least people w Pride ,,,Good stuff ,on the real 💯❤️

  2. good job Tommy Im sure he & his kids appreciate it..

  3. Bless you Tommy. That was a very cool thing that you did for a fellow man and father. Bless all of you that helped!

  4. its ok to help people! I'm impress coming from him, but he wouldn't help a black person. course not, that's would be too much like right for him, he talks too bad about blacks. SMH he fake…

  5. I have a really good friend who is white but married to a black woman they have two boys. he was my sgt in law enforcement. he is going through a really hard time with child support and she won't let up. and she holds the kids over his head like a prize or something. it would be nice if you could help him out

  6. typical skank… good job tommy

  7. big up tommy, like you said there is no color here, we are all men and we need to stand up for each other, broz before hoez right? now more then ever

  8. This is what sotonation is all about.

  9. What do pro blacks have to say about this?

  10. If someone out there can help me out. I need to pay my court fines or I will goto jail. And that sucks, no one wants to goto jail. I work and I just do not have the money.

  11. Remember when they use to say it's a man's world. Well reverse that. Its a womans world. That's basically what child support was created for. To brake the mans power. It's not a man's world anymore.

  12. God Bless you Tommy I'm going through hell trying to see my daughter

  13. uy have te help blak man 2 not onlg what man yu on pepele 2 Sotomayor

  14. I agree with Tommy on this one, in the words of De La Soul.. "It is hard out here for a chimp" men do not have the same resources when it comes to second chances and getting back on their feet unless they are coming out of the criminal system or out of drug abuse. Those are the only things I can think

  15. Tommy Sotomayor for president!

  16. Thank you for bringing attention to these challenges of men. As a woman, I refuse to believe there is male privilege. Most men I know are struggling and really want to do the right thing by their children. Peace and love to you!

  17. You are a freaking awesome guy Tommy.

  18. I was eating spagetti every day when I was with my dad…. when I was a young kid that is.

  19. stop taking naked showers with your daughter, COON!

  20. Great job Tommy that man deserved it.

  21. I've been watching Tommy probably 6-8 months and I don't give a damn WHAT Tommy did and who he did it for…some sorry son of a bitch would down thumbs it just because his name is with it..there's not to many people I wouldn't want my name associated with but TOMMY SOTOMAYOR is NOT one of them…people don't like what he talks? Don't listen, don't like what he looks like? Don't look..when someone does such great works for other people well it's high time they ALL kiss his ass that don't like it…thank you Tommy, we'll be kicken in to soon…rock on bro

  22. The Human Male fund need to be started!!!!!

  23. Wow only 600 hundred comments, sad…..My husband and I completely agree with you and your fight for men's equality and will be donating to the cause very soon…Thank you Tommy for opening our eyes;)…..I live in Denver and all we see is MEN, who are homeless, its sad and no one does anything but throw these men to the side oh ya and our police department took these poor homeless ppl BLANKETS AWAY, yep, they said it would help get rid of them….That's what our police department did to MEN, the WOMEN were put in shelters or bused to other shelters for free!!! Positive change people…!?!?!?

  24. I wish I could get to see my daughter, I have custody of my son. these bitches need to quit.

  25. Honestly, I think the main thing that should be done is CHANGE THE LAW. We need to start up a political party. Donations are good for a while, but things won't change until the laws are more egalitarian in how men are treated.

  26. Sometimes people won't like something just because you did it. Jealous I used to not like someone ,bcos of how they look, pretty lame .

  27. Men have become roadkill on the superhighway to what we euphemistically call "women's rights." Casey Williams was but one of countless pieces of this roadkill. Then Tommy Sotomayor comes along and gives the man the help he desperately needed but otherwise NEVER would have received gotten. Simply because he is a man. Something is very wrong with this picture.

  28. Its up to the man if he wants to wear a condom or not. Yeah the odds are stacked in her favor but he can wear a condom if he wants. If you are putting a condom on with a new partner and she tries to talk you out of it… RUN! I do agree that men should get a some custody. I think if the courts didnt favor women so much in courts divorce rates would drop. Have you seen the daily mail article basically saying women who share custody miss their kids, poor them, they should have their kids 100% of the time

  29. Tommy
    You are so eloquent and plain spoken
    Men are indeed under rated
    We heap all the responsibility on them

    Women. should be held to a higher standard
    I'm female and white
    Which in this day and age should not matter
    I have only one husband and one daughter
    It took him 25 years to convince me that we were
    To risk bringing a child into this Crazy world
    Never had to make that awful choice of having to have an abortion
    Took my birth control pills as if it was life or death
    Because it was

    I have always had a problem with the fact
    That you need a license
    To operate a. Car, boat ,plane etc.
    But no qualification to give birth to an innocent child
    Children should not have children
    When this happens it diminishes both of their prospects for achieving
    If you are not willing to change and devote your life to them
    Then you should have an abortion.
    For the betterment of all concerned

    It is the young girls we need to reach
    To make sure they value themselves

    Your daughter and mine will grow up to be a superior breed of women
    that take into account consequences

    Wishing you the best
    Happy 2017

  30. I'm actually torn on this subject. My dad rolled out and didn't pay no child support for my sister and I. Of course that was the 80's and 90's Era. I've seen one of my brother in laws go to jail a few times for missing "a" payment. Then a second brother in law and his wife use child support for fun money on whatever suited them.

  31. Tommy, you're a good man.

  32. I absolutely loveeeeeeee this!!!!!

  33. I guess dudes need to Insist on wearing condoms; or just don't have sex. Sexual intercourse is a want, not a need.

  34. Family Court is a horrible, prejudice place. Most of the judges and ACS workers are Liberals and women. The system hurts men, it's that simple.

  35. Eddie Vedder, where you at? You bitch-made fool

  36. i totally agree on helping men all over the Place and no matter what ethnik,because if they men up to their children and try to make ends meet than they deserve help..In germany more and more men getting full custody of their children because the mothers arent worth SHit..They get knocked up every Year from someone different just so they dont have to get their lazy butts up and work for a living ..they have the Goverment take care of them get all kinds of money from everywhere and still dont take care of their children in a proper way..white trash thats what i call them.then the childrens fathers have a big Battle to get Custody .some pay the childsupport and the mothers wont let them see the children or making him look bad in front of the children and spread lies about them..i know several men in that Situation and yes i truly believe that there should be Laws in favor of Men that want to take care of his Children if the Mothers dont do their Job right.And the Goverment should help along the Way so he can work and also have enough Time to spent with his Children

  37. Yo Tommy just make sure people know that the money will go to some woman. Women and childre are a protected class but men are told to man up. I want to build a mens shelter one day myself.

  38. Good deed. I receive CS and everyone has a story………

  39. We have to fight the powers that be….

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