CRUNCH is what I felt as I hit the ground!
I was out at a store shopping when a man stole a woman’s purse. I stepped in and got the purse back, but not before I was shoved into a shelf and was injured! …… OK. OK. That’s not what happened, but sort of sounds cooler than what really happened.
As funny as it may sound, I was playing tag with my kids. I was it and I was chasing after my son when he suddenly slid onto the ground. In a desperate attempt to prevent running over him, I jumped to avoid him and tried to tuck and roll. Well… I tucked and flopped instead! I didn’t make it all the way over and ended up landing on the back of my shoulder. As I landed, I felt something pop! I was not sure what it was, but I sure know that by the pain, it was not good!

Off to the E.R.!

After getting to the E.R. and getting my x-rays, I was informed that I had a Stage Three AC Separation. Now for anyone that has no idea what that is, its when the three ligaments that hold your collar bone to your shoulder separate.

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I was told to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon to assess the damages further. In the meantime I was told to wear a sling or brace to help with the pain and to immobilize it as much as I can. Now I can’t just wear a sling. I type for a living and having my arm in a sling will not work. So, I went to amazon and purchased this.

Appointment with the Surgeon

The orthopedic surgeon informed me that this was a stage three injury and that this was the most severe an injury I could have without the need for surgery. Thank goodness! However, he said I needed to come back in 3 weeks to assess if there is any further damage other than what he could see in the x-ray.

Three Weeks Later

We fast forward to three weeks later. I come back to the orthopedic surgeon and he asks me to lift my arm above my head. I lift it about half way with a bunch of pain. I thought “Hey! I’m doing pretty good after only three weeks!” WRONG! He told me that I should be able to lift my arm up above my head. I may still have pain, but I should be able to lift it all the way above my head. Hello MRI! Here I come! We will see what information the MRI holds in store for me!

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