This should probably be called a grandma hack, because this little trick was something passed down from my grandma to my dad to me. For whatever reason, maybe because it’s been pretty dry around my house lately, I’ve had to deal with my fair share of kids’ nose bleeds recently. A week or so ago my son was outside playing with his friend from down the street. My son came inside to use the bathroom and BOOM out of nowhere his friend’s nose started bleeding. He was just standing on the driveway waiting for my son to get back outside and the blood just came pouring out. Then later that day, my son was inside and his nose starts bleeding out of the blue (our would that be out of the red?).
tales from the dad side - bloody nose
So, whenever my kids get a nose bleed, I employ this handy trick to get the nose bleeds to go away. This gets a little complicated ;), so you might want to get a pencil and paper ready. I’ll give you a minute.

Do you have a pencil and paper ready? Great! Set the pencil aside, we won’t need it!
Now, take that piece of paper and tear off a strip about half an inch wide that’s long enought that you can fold it over a few times. Fold the paper so you have a little paper wedge, like this:
tales from the dad side - paper
Now, take the blunt edge of your paper (the top part in that pic) and insert it in the child’s mouth between his upper gums and the back of his upper lip. Make sure it’s firmly up there and pressing slightly against the upper most part where the top lip and gums meet.

(Put the paper under the lip right where the arrow is pointing.)
Leave the paper there for a good count of 60 seconds. After that, you should be able to pull the paper away and the nose bleed will have stopped. If you’re still getting a little bit of a bleed put the paper back and count a little longer.
According to my grandma, this helps to cut off the blood vessels flowing up to the nose and gives your vessels a chance to clot. We always used this trick when I was a kid, and this is what I do with my kids when they get nose bleeds. My grandma used to use brown paper, like the paper of a lunch bag or grocery bag since it’s usually a little thicker, but I find any paper folder over enough works.
The next time one of your kids gets a nose bleed try it out and let us know what you think!

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