I know it’s technically fall, but we’ve still got some sunny days ahead of us, at least where I live, and sunburn is a very real possibility. I tend to burn easily, especially on my neck and shoulders, and so having a handy way to get rid of the redness and eliminate the inevitable peel is always welcome, even if this method is a little…strange. I learned this from a former manager from my retail days. I was skeptical that it would work, but it really does.
tales from the dad side - sunburn
Are you ready for this simple cure from the effects of sunburn? The secret trick to get rid of sunburn is…rub some hemorrhoid cream on it! It’s just that simple!
I know, I know, it sounds kinda gross, right? I was skeptical at first too, but this manager of mine swore it worked, and I tried it out, and it really does work.
Now, I’m no dermatologist (although I play one on TV — not really) so I don’t know how this works or what it is about the cream that fixes sunburn, but the hemorrhoid cream has worked for me as a surefire sunburn remover.
Again, I know it sounds strange, but this has helped me with sunburn in the past and, although we are sure to cover the kids with sunscreen, they will occasionally get burned. Regular lotion may help, and we put some of that on them too, but if we want to get rid of the redness and peeling, this is the way to do it.
Give it a try, I know it’ll work for you as well.

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