For Christmas my 10-year-old got a dinosaur dig kit, actually a couple of them, and they’ve been sitting in his room waiting for a day when he needed something to do. So last weekend, when his friends weren’t around and he was at his limit for video game time and there just wasn’t anything he wanted to do, we told him to go up to his room and get one of these dinosaur dig kits.

Dinosaur Dig Kit

The dinosaur dig kit is pretty simple. It comes with a small wooden hammer, a wooden chisel, a little brush, and a clay block that looks like a rectangular chunk of dirt and has about a dozen plastic dinosaur bones in them. To get to the bones, you simply use the hammer and chisel to crack off little bits of clay until you find them. Since we’d spent the day cleaning the house and didn’t want a big mess on our hands, we had him perform his excavation on top of a cookie sheet.
Tales from the Dad Side - Dinosaur DigMy 10-year-old pulled all this out of the box and got to work on his dinosaur dig kit. And I gotta say, it held his attention for the rest of that afternoon as he hammered away at the block of clay, breaking off a chunk here and a corner there. When he got the first glimpse of a plastic bone sticking out of the bigger block after breaking off a piece his eyes lit up. He’d hammer away in earnest at the block, and when he freed the bone he’d give it a good look before brushing away the excess clay. He kept all the little bones in a pile until he had them all free, and then he set to work putting the piece of the skeleton together.
As he worked, I explained to him that this is how paleontologists in the field do it as well, they use hammers, chisels, and brushes to get through the rock to the calcified bones hidden in the ground. The dinosaur dig kit provided a good approximation of that on a small scale.
If you’re looking for a fun educational toy that’ll keep your kids busy while you work on the dishes or need something to do on a rainy day, the dinosaur dig kit has all you need to keep your kids occupied without resorting to electric stimulation. There are a variety of kits available with different kinds of dinos too.
It drove me nuts, though, that I’d already wiped down the table at least twice already that day and my 10-year-old kept blowing on the kit to clear the dust away. When he was all done and I wiped down the table (for the third time!) the rag came away brown with dust and dirt. When he was all done, I just dumped all the excess clay into the bushes, so the rest of the clean up was a breeze!
Tales from the Dad Side - Dinosaur Dig Kit


  • Surprisingly entertaining
  • Educational and fun!
  • Keeps kids captivated with the joy of discovery


  • Can be messy, so do outside or on top of something to contain all the debris.


  • Nothing! Everything you need is in the box.

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