Dad’s do a ton of things to make their kids laugh like when a dad does a face swap video with his kids to express what he feels they are truly thinking about his cooking. Although most people will not really want to know what their kids are thinking about the meal that was just prepared, this dad does expresses his own thoughts.

Woodsie, the dad you are about to see discovered face swapping one day and decided to use it with his daughters. The outcome? Outright hilarious!

Dad face swap video

As stated, this dad makes a face swap video with his kids and says a variety of things in his video. The video shows him critiquing his own food through his daughters. Well, sort of.

I sometimes wonder if my kids think this same way as they are eating (or not eating) the dinners I prepare. Now don’t get me wrong. I believe I am a great cook and actually love cooking. However, there are those times when… Well I think you understand. I sometimes feel the same as this dad.

Well here is the face swap video so you can have a good laugh (and ask yourself some questions too I imagine).

So… what did you think? Have you ever been in this situation? I know I have! I think you probably have as well, but may not want to admit it, but could you make a video like this one?

If you liked this video, there are other face swap videos from Woodsie as well which you can see in his full YouTube channel here:

Let me know what you think about this video. Is this dad face swap video funny or slightly disturbing? Have you ever being in a situation like this before? tell me about them in the comments below.



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