Father Creates a Home Workout Shared With His Kids Creating Fantastic Bonding Time

Father Creates a Home Workout!

OK, there is nothing super exciting about this, people create home workouts all the time. However, what about the father that shares with his family?
There are many jobs that prevent spending time with your family. This is true especially during the busier periods of such jobs like a CPA. With this kind of business, when is there time to spend quality family time or time to yourself to do things like working out?
Brent Kruithof is this kind of guy. He loves spending time with his family, but as a CPA, he is away a lot. He could not find time to do what he loves, which is workout, so how can he find time to spend with his wife, Katie, and their two young sons, Giorgio and Decker?
He finally hit a breaking point and decided that something needed to be done! When he can’t get much time to spend with his family, how can he even think about working out? This is when he thought about incorporating both together!
He started to add his kids to a workout routine and the results were absolutely awesome! He found a way to incorporate every one of his kids in his routine. He would strap the baby on and start his routine or he would have his baby watch and clown around to make the baby laugh while still getting his routine in. He would also create a “Daddy Bridge” where his son would crawl and do somersaults through the bridge.

Father Creates a Home Workout with Kids!

After a while, he created a company called “Flyup Fitness” which was designed for parents who didn’t want to spend their free time away from the kids.
Next, he decided to share the workout on Facebook where it took off beyond any of his expectations. “In one week, our sales numbers were equal to our sales over the previous six months,” he said. “It’s great to have a positive impact on families all over the world.” These results were because he shared something that displayed how fun it could be to include your family in something you love through a little creativity.
Kruithof is now spending more time with his kids than ever before and is in the greatest shape than ever before! His family is the greatest part of his life and hopes that his kids will see this as they grow up. Kruithof uses his journey as an example to let them know.
Not every Dad will be able to add “Father Creates a Home Workout” to his resume, nor do they even enjoy working out, but no matter what your passion may be, where there is a will, there is a way AND with a little creativity, you can involve your family as well! However, for those that are interested in losing that Dad Bod, check out our Dad Bod articles showing how one of our Dads are making the attempt to do just this.
Tell us what type of thing you do in your daily life to incorporate your family!

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