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11 Thoughts to “Father in desperate need of help.”

  1. Keep fighting, this is extremely weird. Best of luck

  2. Antonio Iam in shock but not surprised. Seems people don't know whats wrong or right anymore. What is so surprising is that a woman Judge would be so irresponsible with the life of 2 little girls. Doesn't she EVER EVER see the news. What world does she live in? As for the mother I have absolutely NO RESPECT for that woman. She doesn't deserve to be a mom. Soo sorry for all the heartache, stress, frustration and danger you and your family were put in. Seven days in jail, its incredible!!! You are an amazing   Dad your girls are very fortunate to have you. We will keep all of you in our prayers. Jehova is a loving and just God. Nothing is impossible for him.

  3. Father in desperate need of help please watch and share video on YouTube so it can get into the right hands in Miami FLORIDA let's help my buddy out Thank you it is about my buddy getting temperary custody while his wife left the country

  4. Damn. I wish you the best. I also wish you had left the state with the girls.  Then filed an order or custody in NJ – then she would have had to fight you up there.

  5. Did you get the names of all the police or sheriff officers who answered the phone and attended the day care and your sister's house? Among other things, write down all the details you can remember and make a chronology. At some point you may need to file an affidavit as to what happened during those days and the more details the better.

  6. Courts always side with the woman. Sad how system works. Sorry you are going threw this I know how you feel as I am a father separated with mother. My prayers are with you man I hope justice is served!!!

  7. I would suggest Antonio that you join our Family Court Dads legal support and assistance yahoo groups, then ask some questions there, you won't find a better resource for guys knowledgeable about the abusive family court system against fathers.

  8. Thanks Keith I appreciate that brother

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