Here is a funny fact I did not know. Well, I know everyone has those “What the?” facts that they learn over the years either as a child or as a parent. I am a guy that has a TON of useless knowledge in my head. Don’t believe me? Ask my wife! She’ll be more than happy to tell you what crazy stuff I have up there! Anyway, even though I have this (cough) gift, there are still things that surprise me from time to time.
[I want to give you fair warning that this post may be offensive to some of you because of it’s nature.]
A funny fact I did not know, which my 13-year-old informed me about during New Years eve, is absolutely hysterical.  While we were playing cards and waiting for the new year to set in, I was informed that Hitler only had one testicle! Now, I know a lot of you might already know this and many others don’t really care, but I thought this was hilarious. I mean, c’mon. Imagine. We are all sitting there playing cards as a family and your 13-year-old just says “did you know that Hitler only had one nut?” He then proceeds to tell you that he learned that in school. What would you think?
After he tells us this and explains that he learned this in school, I was confused…not about the funny fact I did not know, but whether if I was worried that he is learning stuff like this in school or if I was upset that I did not learn this in school. I was also asking myself “why didn’t I learn this over my many years of collecting useless knowledge?” This is definitely something that I should have learned, especially with the type of friends I have (Yes, almost all my friends have the same gift as I do! I think it may just be a guy thing, but I call it a gift none-the-less)!
funny fact I did not know - one nut
OK. Now my wife and I both learned something new. Right? So what is the next step a parent does when they need to learn more (Yes. It was too funny and intriguing to not learn more)? Ask Google of course! So now, since we are playing cards, I wanted to be lazy and quick with my research, because it was almost my turn, so I say “OK Google. Does Hitler have one testicle?” The reply we got from Google simply added to the hysterics! This is what Google told us:
“Hitler really did have only one ball, according to claims by a German army medic who saved the Führer’s life during the First World War. The Nazi leader lost a testicle during the Battle of the Somme in 1916, the doctor claimed.”
Now, my wife, thinking this was actually funny too, posts this to Facebook. The response she received was rather shocking for me. At least half of the people that replied knew this funny fact that I did not! What’s even better? We learned from our friends in the UK that the British made a song about it too! If you would like to hear it, here it is:

As I stated, I did some quick research on the funny fact I did not know and found that there are a few different beliefs as to how this happened to him. The belief that he lost it during a battle was the main belief for a long time as there was no real proof, other than the hearsay of the German Army medic. However, within a few clicks, I found a newer video to explain that this is no longer valid. Professor Peter Fleischmann claims to have unearthed documents stating that he was actually born without one. See it here:

OK. This might be a funny fact I did not know, but I am curious. How many of you actually knew that Hitler only had one testicle? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for other lessons I learn from my kids by joining our mailing list where you will be notified when new articles are posted.

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