Can you drive anywhere without asking “Is my toddlers car seat safe for them?” My wife is driving down the highway with me in the passenger seat and I happen to look back to see my son almost out of his seat! Now I know I personally tightened the belt snug! (And after 3 kids, I should know how to make sure a care seat is secure!) How the heck is he able to get out of the seat? Well, I found out that he reaches up and loosens the belt himself!

Is My Toddlers Car Seat Safe for Them?

After looking on the internet, I found that I am not the only one that has had this happen. Here is a video of a child doing this:

Is your car seat safe?

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Posted by The Dad Network on Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thanks to The Dad Network for posting this video!
The struggle I found is in finding a car seat that does not have this release lever within reach of the child or is buried in a way that they cannot activate it from their position. Fortunately, after a bit of searching, I have found a few.
Here is a good car seat that is harder for your toddler to break out of that I found on Amazon:
Is My Toddlers Car Seat Safe for Them?
Is My Toddlers Car Seat Safe for Them? - TFDS
If your not into Disney so much (and after listening to the Frozen soundtrack over and over I can’t blame you (No, I don’t want to build a damn snowman!)), here is a highly reviewed seat that has the lever lower than most others, keeping it of the reach of children.
Is My Toddlers Car Seat Safe for Them? - TFDS
Of course there are many other seats that can work just as well, but these are just a few that were easily found in Amazon.
Have you ever asked “Is my toddlers car seat safe for them?” or have had a similar experience? What’s your ‘oh crap I’m on the expressway and my kid is halfway out of her car seat story?’ Let us know in comments below.

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