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Apparently, making slime with borax is all the rage among the kids today! The kids make slime in school, they make slime with their friends, and they ask to make slime at home. It’s slime time all the time! What time is it? It’s slime time!!!
And making slime with borax is really easy to do! My kids have been home on Spring Break and they’ve been asking us when they can start making slime with borax. So, on a dreary midwest afternoon we made a couple batches of slime.
To make slime you’ll need 3 simple ingredients: water, glitter glue, and borax.
Making slime with borax has become so popular that all the stores around us are sold out of glitter glue! The only way we could get it is to order it through Amazon.
Tales from the Dad Side - Making Slime with Borax

Making Slime with Borax, a Step by Step Guide:

Tales from the Dad Side - Slime in hand!!!Using Borax in slime has been known to cause ill affects like seizures and amnesia. Please use this recipe at your own risk. However, here is another Borax-Free recipe that also works well!!!

  1. Squeeze out one bottle of glitter glue into a large bowl.
  2. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of borax in 1 cup of warm water.
  3. Pour the warm water/borax solution over the glitter glue and wait for 20 seconds.
  4. After 20 seconds it’s time to get your hands dirty! Ball up the glue in your hands and begin playing with the slime!

If the slime is still sticky then dip it back in the solution briefly until it is no longer sticky.
Once the slime is ready it’s time to play! We made blue slime and green slime and red slime and we still have a few bottles of glue left.
There will be glitter all over your hands when you’re done playing, and you’ll probably want to have plenty of paper towels ready to clean up any spills that happen in the process. When your kids are done making slime with borax and playing with the slime, then you can store it away in a sandwich baggie to play with later.

Making Slime without Borax

This method takes a little more work than the Borax recipe, but if you’re concerned about Borax and having it all over your hands it’s worth it. Here’s what you’ll need to make slime without using Borax:

  1. Pour 1/2 cup of glue into your bowl.
  2. Add food coloring until you get a color you like. Since the glue is white you may have to add 10-15 drops to get a good color. Now grab your spoon and stir that goo!
  3. Add in 3/4 teaspoon of baking soda. Stir some more!!!
  4. Get those eye drops and add 10 drops into the bowl and mix. Add another 10 drops and mix again you crazy animal! Next, add 10 more drops and stir some more (we’re up to 30 drops now).
  5. Things should be changing consistency at this point. Add another 10 eye drops into the bowl and stir some more.
  6. Add 10 more drops (you should be up to 50 drops now) and mix it in.
  7. Now, get a little of the eye drops on your hands and pull the slime out of the bowl. The slime will still be a little sticky, but the eye drops will help keep it off your hands.
  8. Start kneading the slime with your hands.
  9. Add another few eye drops while the slime is in your hands and keep kneading and squishing and folding the slime for five minutes or so.

That’s it! Keep your slime covered up in a plastic container in between playing with it. We usually keep ours in sandwich baggies.
I know there are other slime recipes out there. What’s your favorite? Have your kids been asking about making glitter slime?

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