This post is nothing more than a quick rant! It is kind of an extension to my What’s the Difference post too. Why must there be sooo many different shades of pink?! I have 4 boys and one girl. There NEVER seemed to be that many different shades of blue or green! However, there seems to be 400,000 different shades of pink non of them match each other!
The only way that I have found so far to keep outfits straight is too take a picture of them when we first get them. This way, I know what goes with what! It helps, but is not always the answer! Sometimes there is different lighting which throws the color off. Sometimes some of the pants do not always have print on them which makes it hard to determine which pants go with which shirt. However, at least this is  a help a bit!
End of rant!
Am I the only Dad that has this issue?

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