Half way finished with the last day of work for the week and now it’s off the the hospital! Another adventurous day with my kids!
Ok, so its Friday at 11:30am and my kids have the day off of school for parent teacher conferences. I am finishing up on an issue with work when out comes a blood curdling scream from my 6-year-old. It was one of those screams that you instantly know something is really wrong as it was not a normal “Dad! He hit me!” kind of scream. As I get to him, I see him holding his foot and after I get his sock off, I see his foot bleeding.
talesfromthedadside.com scream from cut on foot
I lifted him up with my good arm (Read CRUNCH! for that story) and brought him to the kitchen so I could see better. After cleaning him up a little, I see a cut on the bottom and side of his foot both of which are bleeding, but not too bad.
Now at the same time I was looking at his injury,  my wife sees that there is a 3 inch piece of glass sitting on the floor next to where I pulled his sock off. If you have not guessed it so far… yes! That piece of glass went right through the bottom of his foot and right out the side. OUCH! Off to the hospital!

At the hospital

While at the hospital, he was a real trooper. He informed all the medical personnel of what happened. One thing you need to know about my son is… He LOVES to talk! He had no problems telling anyone about not only his foot, but everything else about his brothers too!
While he was telling one nurse what happened, my wife was showing the nurse the piece of glass that went through his foot. This was the first time I got to actually see the glass. Here it is:
talesfromthedadside.com glass in foot
Nasty! I know! Anyway, this is the part where he gets taken off for the x-ray to make sure there’s no more glass left in his foot.

What’s taking so long?

The x-ray took a whole 10 minutes, but then, what the hell happened to the doctor? Now, I know that there are times when the E.R. is busy, but c’mon! There should be no reason that it should take the doctor 45 minutes to get back to the room to tell us that all is good and they are going to wash it and we can be on our way and then another 40 minutes after the washing to tell us we can go! I think this is a problem with every E.R. though, and I am sure anyone reading this has experienced this issue!
Finally, the doctor came back in to inform us that they found that there was no additional glass and he is good to go! Whew! No stitches even needed! Just cleaned it, wrapped it, and he was given a round of antibiotics to help prevent infection.
This was pretty scary as a parent. Have you experienced something like this as a parent before? Share your experiences below.

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