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6 Thoughts to “Selfie stick helps father, daughter during frightening close call with rip tide”

  1. R – RELAX, you will not get pulled under, remain calm, float on your back
    I – "I need help" wave your hands and get attention of someone on shore
    P – Parallel – swim parallel to the shoreline until help arrives

    KEEP YOUR COOL — don't freak the fuck out like they did, that was the big mistake.

  2. Ignorance kills more people annually than anything else on the planet.

    This could have turned into a far worse situation than it was. Glad all are safe.

  3. How exactly did the selfie stick help save them? She should have dropped it the instance she felt out of control. Selfie stick saved them?? I'd sooner say selfie stick was a contributing factor in making it worse, no way can you swim decently with such a thing. Yeah the father didn't have a stick and was exhausted but he was trying to help his daughter. That, together with the rip tide exhausted him.

  4. around 3:38 it looks like somebodys shovng it up her ass……….nice

  5. I don't really understand what happened cuz I'm still 9

  6. i didnt understand what happend

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