When my son was born, I lost some sleep. Scratch that, when my son was born I lost a shit-ton of sleep. It was so bad that when I finally had to return to work, my coworkers made me go into an empty office to take a nap. Then, on my lunch break that day I ended up sleeping in my car for a while too. I’m pretty sure I ended up taking a lot of naps in my car around that time (I was working two jobs so my wife could stay at home with the new born). If you’re new to fatherhood, I’m sure you’ll figure out soon enough that sleep is good for parents.
Now, I have 3 kids, so multiply any sleep deprivation I might be experiencing by 3. Then you’d have to calculate for a little more sleep as the kids get older. If train A leaves San Francisco traveling east at 60 miles an hour and the rate of diaper changes per night is D divided by the child’s age…Holy crap this is getting complicated.
The point is, I know sleep is good for parents, but I also know that sleep is a luxury that I don’t always get to take advantage of.
Imagine my surprise then, when someone shared this article with me. The article stresses the amount of sleep parents lose. Not only that, but would you believe that someone actually made a calculator that will tell you how much sleep you’ve lost since becoming a parent?
Tales from the Dad Side - lost sleep calculator
I don’t know about you, but that is NOT a number that I need to know. Why someone would want to waste their time building such a calculator when they could be doing other things with their time is beyond me. I already know that I get less sleep than people without kids. I don’t need to know precisely how much less sleep that is.
If a parent thinks that they’ll get to sleep as much as they did before parenting as they will after parenting, well, then they have another thing coming! But would they want to know exactly how much sleep they’ll be losing? I doubt it!
I love my kids and I understand that if I want them to grow up to be productive members of society, then I might have to lose a few nights’ sleep here or there. Sleep is good for parents, but losing sleep is just a part of the job.
I also don’t understand what Hillarys, the company that made the calculator, is trying to market, since the company appears to do something with interior design. I hope they got some kind of sales out of this, cause this calculator is ridiculous.
(I did not use the calculator when grabbing the image, btw.)
If you are interested sleep training your kids, there are plenty of books to help you with that.

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