My wife can certainly agree to this statement: I do not enjoy spending money on clothes. My normal attire from day to day is t-shirts and jeans, and I don’t often buy new clothes for myself. When I do buy new clothes, I try to spend as little as possible. So, after a couple of belt failures, I spent a little more on myself than I normally would, and I ordered a Slide Belt, and I can say that this is probably the best belt I have ever owned. (Note: I am not being paid by Slide Belts for this post, promise!)
The black leather belt I’d had for a long time finally gave out, and I went to the store to get a new belt. There I found a two-tone leather belt for about $15 that worked for me. It was inexpensive! And, it was both brown and black (changeable via a rotating bit by the belt buckle) so it was like I got two belts for the price of one. (My wife says I need a black belt and a brown belt for different outfits…whatever.) The belt was fine, I mean, it was a belt and it kept my pants up, so it did it’s job. The belt didn’t last long though before the leather strap popped out of the nifty twisty bit that allowed me to switch it from black to brown. So much for that.
I had seen Slide Belts advertised online for a while and looked at the site a couple times and decided I would spend a little more than normal (only about $40) and try one out. I’m glad I did.
Tales from the Dad Side - slide belts
For those of you that don’t know, Slide Belts are a kind of stylized ratchet belt that uses tooth-like ridges instead of holes to keep the belt in place. The company offers a variety of styles of belt buckles (including a cool-looking survival model) and belts. You pick the style of buckle you want and the strap and they ship it to you in a handy little box.
The belt itself is a one size fits most. It strap comes long and then you trim it to your waist size.Then you fit the end of the strap into one side of the buckle and fold down a set of teeth that hold the end of the belt in place. The ratchet function allows for more snugg options than a regular belt with holes, and it Slide Belts designed a easy release lever thingie for the belt to loosen it.
The buckle I choose is a simple gunmetal colored metal bucket. It is satisfyingly heavy and feels solid. The ratchet works well and after a couple weeks of every day use it looks as though it’s still brand new (with a couple of finger prints).
I don’t put much consideration into fashion, and, as I said, don’t like spending money on clothes, but this is one situation where I’m glad I didn’t go the cheapest route. My wife asked when I got it what about a brown belt (I got a black strap) and I told her that I could just order another strap and change it out when necessary (although I still don’t quite see the need for a black and a brown belt).
What about you? Have you tried Slide Belts? Do you have a trusty belt or pair of suspenders that’s lasted you for a long time?

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