Dad Hacks: Bloody Nose be Gone!

tales from the dad side - bloody nose

This should probably be called a grandma hack, because this little trick was something passed down from my grandma to my dad to me. For whatever reason, maybe because it’s been pretty dry around my house lately, I’ve had to deal with my fair share of kids’ nose bleeds recently. A week or so ago my son was outside playing with his friend from down the street. My son came inside to use the bathroom and BOOM out of nowhere his friend’s nose started bleeding. He was just standing on…

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Bang Boom Sore!

It’s Easter Sunday and everyone is in different stages of getting ready to go to grandma’s house. The kids are playing and in all the commotion, the toddler has gotten up to her sister’s room to play with her dolls and sit at her makeup table. I went upstairs to get the toddler and bring her down so she would stop messing with her sister’s stuff and hopefully get ready for a nap. There are some dirty clothes at the top of the stairs as usual (my kids still don’t…

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Off to the Hospital

Half way finished with the last day of work for the week and now it’s off the the hospital! Another adventurous day with my kids! Ok, so its Friday at 11:30am and my kids have the day off of school for parent teacher conferences. I am finishing up on an issue with work when out comes a blood curdling scream from my 6-year-old. It was one of those screams that you instantly know something is really wrong as it was not a normal “Dad! He hit me!” kind of scream.…

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