Dad Hacks: Sunburn Remover

tales from the dad side - sunburn

I know it’s technically fall, but we’ve still got some sunny days ahead of us, at least where I live, and sunburn is a very real possibility. I tend to burn easily, especially on my neck and shoulders, and so having a handy way to get rid of the redness and eliminate the inevitable peel is always welcome, even if this method is a little…strange. I learned this from a former manager from my retail days. I was skeptical that it would work, but it really does. Are you ready…

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Bang Boom Sore!

It’s Easter Sunday and everyone is in different stages of getting ready to go to grandma’s house. The kids are playing and in all the commotion, the toddler has gotten up to her sister’s room to play with her dolls and sit at her makeup table. I went upstairs to get the toddler and bring her down so she would stop messing with her sister’s stuff and hopefully get ready for a nap. There are some dirty clothes at the top of the stairs as usual (my kids still don’t…

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Off to the Hospital

Half way finished with the last day of work for the week and now it’s off the the hospital! Another adventurous day with my kids! Ok, so its Friday at 11:30am and my kids have the day off of school for parent teacher conferences. I am finishing up on an issue with work when out comes a blood curdling scream from my 6-year-old. It was one of those screams that you instantly know something is really wrong as it was not a normal “Dad! He hit me!” kind of scream.…

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