Schools Ban Homework!!!

schools ban homework - TFDS

Schools Ban Homework If schools ban homework, it would be a dream come true for many kids! As strange as this might sound to you and me, this seems to be the growing thought behind schools. With a story that is highlighting this in Florida during a local ABC Newscast, Heidi Maier, the Marion County Superintendent issued a “no homework” mandate to teachers at the district’s 31 elementary schools. The research Heidi refers to is from a study, conducted by Richard Allington, a University of Tennessee professor of theory and practice…

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School’s Out…Sorta

Tales from the Dad Side - Hachet

As of last week, my kids are on summer break. School’s out! The kids got off the bus excited to leave homework and the like behind. And I was more than happy to let them have some time to unwind, however, we want my oldest to work on his reading so we’re having him work on book reports over the summer. Sounds like a bummer, huh? Well, we’ve worked out a system to help encourage him to keep up on the reading and hopefully not make it too much of…

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