This is a post for all the toddlers out there! When you’re going to the hardware store, it’s important to be properly prepared. There’s a lot going on at a big box home improvement store with customers, employees, forklifts, and who knows what else that you might encounter. If you’re accompanying dad to get a bucket and some hand tools, you need to be prepared.
A successful trip to the hardware store, much like tools that you might use when you get home starts with safety!
You never know what might be on the floor of a hardware store, loose nails, slivers of wood, a bit of glass from a shattered light bulb…you never know what could be lurking. Your older sister’s fuzzy pink slipper boots should do the trick! Sure, they’re not as sturdy as the steel-toed boots of the contractor with the stylish beard down aisle 4, but they make a statement. You really shouldn’t take the boots off while you’re in the store to run around barefoot, but dad will chase you if you do! Make a game of it!
Tales from the Dad Side - hardware store
You’ll be doing a lot of walking around so it’s important to stay hydrated. Be sure to insist on bringing in that half finished can of sparkling water that dad was drinking in the car. It’s good for sipping. Plus, when dad’s on the phone asking his brother a question, you can shake the contents of the can out in the aisle. See how quickly dad ends his phone call!
To really stand out and get a lot of smiles, be sure to wear you favorite dress from the movie Frozen. You’ll be sure to get some extra sweet talk from the cashier and no one will blame you if you feel like belting out a line or two of “Let it Go” as you head out to the car.
Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to make the next “quick errand” to the hardware store a memorable one.

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