Toilet Trouble is Flushing Fun!

Have you every shot your children’s great grandma with toilet water? I have! About a week ago the older two went to my mother-in-law’s house for a sleepover and when they came home they had a new game: Toilet TroubleTales from the Dad Side - Toilet Trouble.

Toilet Trouble is a new game from Hasbro that, much like the original Pie Face is basically Russian roulette for kids. In Toilet Trouble players spin a plastic roll of toilet paper that tells them how many times to pull the flush handle. The bowl of this little plastic toilet if filled with water, and randomly when you pull the handle in addition to the flushing sound, you get shot in the face with water. Of course the kids love it!

When they first brought it home, my 7-year-old asks where she can get water to put in the game. I told her “there’s plenty of water in the toilet,” but she said she didn’t want “toilet water.” I argued that any water going into a toilet is by default toilet water so if she’s playing a game out of a toilet then it’s automatically toilet water. She elected to get some water from the sink.

Anyway, so we played the game for a while and everyone got squirted. We all had a laugh, and eventually the kids dropped all pretense of the game and kept pulling the handle until they got squirted with water.

I bet you’re wondering about me shooting toilet water at grandma. This is what happened. Great grandma came over to watch the kids for us. I showed her the game, which was sitting on the counter. The bowl of the tiny toilet had been empty for a couple days, so I pulled the handle to make the flushing sound. Turns out, the thing was still loaded and she got a direct hit of toilet water to the shoulder!

The kids really love the game, and they love the surprise blast of toilet water along with the flushing sound. I bet your kid would love it too!


  • It’s simple and fun
  • Kids love the flushing sound and getting squirted with water!


  • Once you’ve opened the game and assembled it, it doesn’t come apart to go back into the box.


  • Two AA batteries (included)
  • Water (not included)

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